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  • January 11th
WLCG AuthZ Call
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Present: Angela, Berk, Dave, Dimitrios, Federica, Jim, Julie, Maarten (notes), Matt, Mine, Roberta, Stephan

Apologies: Dave K, John, Linda, Mischa, Tom


Maarten and Berk report that on Monday Dec 18, the IAM instances at CERN will be upgraded to 1.8.3, for which earlier pre-releases ran into several issues that had to be fixed. Berk adds that the ATLAS DB has been cleaned up today, leading to a huge reduction in the number of stored tokens, viz. from O(1M) to O(100), which would otherwise have made the ATLAS upgrade last many hours.

Dave observes the previous actions on the agenda page have been done. They have been removed after the meeting.

Maarten adds he gave this token transition status report in yesterday's GDB and summarizes its conclusions, in particular that all eyes will be on DC24 (Feb 12-23) which includes aims to do tens of thousands of transfers using only tokens, which would be a big milestone in the token transition timeline. Dave points out that unit tests should precede rate tests, i.e. verification of the readiness of SEs for tokens. Maarten replies that CMS, for example, already test the token readiness through SiteMon (a.k.a. SAM).

As the attendance of today's meeting is not sufficient for non-trivial discussions and there are no other topics proposed, the meeting is ended. Hopefully there will be more of a quorum next time, currently planned for Jan 11.

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