Overleaf Workshops | Beginner to Advanced

by Panagiotis Charitos (CERN)

593/R-010 - Salle 11 (CERN)

593/R-010 - Salle 11


Training Centre
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Are you ready to revolutionise your document creation? Join us for a series of Overleaf learning sessions tailored to every skill level — from beginner to TeXpert, there’s something for everyone! Depending on what you already know, you can pick the journey that best suits you. 

The Beginner Workshop will introduce you to Overleaf and LaTeX and show you the fundamentals of document preparation. 

If you’re already familiar with LaTeX, the Intermediate Workshop will jump right in to Overleaf features and how you can use our tools to speed up your workflows.  

Already completed a project on Overleaf or using LaTeX locally? Then the Advanced Workshop is for you! Here we will show you the features on Overleaf that you are missing out on as well as discussing best practices and more complex typesetting. 

Finally, the Extended Overview will walk you through all of the advanced topics, but is accessible to any level. So pairing the Beginner/Intermediate Workshops with the Overview is the perfect way to see all the content without being overwhelmed. We hope you can join us and can’t wait to show you what Overleaf can do!

Participation at these trainings is free of charge, but registration is compulsory. The registration deadline has been extended to Friday 19th of January 12:00 CET. For registration please visit the following links:

Beginner (2h hands-on session on morning of 23.01.24): Assign Training: PeopleFluent LMS (

Intermediate (2h hands-on session on afternoon of 23.01.24): Assign Training: PeopleFluent LMS (

Advanced (2h hands-on session on morning of 24.01.24): Assign Training: PeopleFluent LMS (

Extended overview (2h session on afternoon of 24.01.24): Assign Training: PeopleFluent LMS (