Machine Learning (ML)

AI / ML at Bloomberg: Use Cases, Platforms and Infrastructure

by Peyman Norouzi (Bloomberg), Yuzhui Lin (Bloomberg)




Recording available here.

Bloomberg's internal Data Science Platform (DSP) provides infrastructure for the development and management of its ML initiatives. This session will offer an overview of our platform offerings, from managed notebooks and training infrastructure to model and data storage and production serving. By the end of this talk, you'll have a blueprint for building an efficient, scalable ML platform within the open source ecosystem.

Let's build together!

About the Speakers:

Yuzhui Liu leads a strong and dynamic engineering team at Bloomberg, which is focused on providing managed solutions for model training, notebook, and HPC infrastructure. She collaborates widely in the CNCF community, was a contributor to KServe, and is the co-chair for Cloud Native AI Day. She also initiated the effort to introduce Argo into Bloomberg, where it is used as a managed workflow orchestration platform.

Peyman Norouzi is a Product Manager in the ML Platforms team in the Office of the CTO at Bloomberg, where he is focused on shaping the strategic direction and roadmap for the firm’s internal ML infrastructure. Outside of work, Peyman is all about films - watching, critiquing, and sometimes, even making them. He's a tech pro by day and a film enthusiast by night.

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