Informal talk with Robert Cailliau: LiveCode

IdeaSquare (3179) (CERN)

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We would like to invite you to join an informal talk with Robert Cailliau on LiveCode at IdeaSquare. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of LiveCode, please join! The talk is open to everyone, regardless of previous programming experience.


What is LiveCode?

LiveCode is an app development system that

  • allows you to make your app by constructing the user interface and the program code at the same time,
  • does not depend on the system on which the app will be used,
  • is itself a single app, with simple installation as a single file, and which can be installed on Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • uses object-oriented programming techniques.


What can I do with it?

Often one has a small task to do that involves some computing, is not terribly complex, but too tedious and perhaps too long to do manually. It is then faster to write a small app, but only if the time and effort to make that app is much smaller than the manual effort. Most app development systems are too unwieldy to get results fast. LiveCode is the exception: it will get results fast.

The LiveCode development system can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac, you can then write and test your app, and even run it to get the results you need, in fact without having to produce a fully-fledged app. If desired, you can also make a native app that will run on any of these sytems: Windows, Unix, Mac, iOS, Android, Web.


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      Informal talk with Robert Cailliau: LiveCode 1h

      Talk in the Main Area at IdeaSquare with a Q&A at the end