Jul 9 – 11, 2007
Vilnius, Lithuania
Europe/Zurich timezone

Case study of a Pylons project

Jul 9, 2007, 11:00 AM
Zeta (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Vilnius, Lithuania


Max Ischenko (Author)


The talk is a case study for my experience rebuilding a PHP-powered site in Python. Primarily focus is Pylons which is a modern, cool and immature web framework, currently heading for 1.0 release. Topics covered include: Pylons itself, Paste, deployment, i18n, Mako templating and SQLAlchemy. I'll share our experience about what worked and what didn't and what to watch for. The talk will fit in a 30-minutes timeslot. The site studied is www.developers.org.ua -- Ukrainian software developers' community site. Presenter (Max Ischenko) is its creator and primarily developer, his blog can be found at http://maxischenko.in.ua/blog/.


Talk outline:

  • About the site and the reasons to rewrite in Python
  • The big picture (boxes and arrows)
  • What's Pylons
  • What's Paste and why it's important (mentions WSGI as well)
  • The problems we ran into (deployment, docs, tools)
  • The positives (routes, database, templating, i18n, python, community)
  • Conclusion

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