USLUA Fundraising & Finance Subcommittee

USLUA Fundraising & Finance Subcommittee
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John Stupak
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  • It would be great to tailor (a bit) our pitch for different groups.  For a pitch to members of the American Association of Physics in Medicine, we could focus more on medical applications, for example
  • We should ask Nichole how the wealth data will be incorporated.  Can we send particularly wealthy donors to a PayPal page that suggests donations of \$500, \$1000, \$10000, and less wealthy donors to a PayPal page that suggests donations of \$50, \$100, \$1000? (these numbers were pulled out of thin air)
  • We don’t want to allow folks to earmark their contributions for a specific purpose.  This complicates the Treasurer’s job considerably, and it is unclear that it would actually increase the overall level of donations.  If it is possible, we could instead allow donors to express a non-binding preference
  • David suggested the possibility of hosting a webinar before asking folks for money.  We will run this by Nichole to get her opinion on this, or other things we should be doing to prepare
  • We should ask Nicole whether it is worth using our standard PayPal account (with ~2% fees) or our PayPal Giving Fund account (no fees, but also less flexible) to process the donations
  • There isn’t a need to invite Nichole to a meeting with the entire committee.  John and David can continue to interface with Nichole, and report back to the broader committee
  • It would help to convince folks we are a serious organization if we had a basic wikipedia page.  I reached out to Julia to see if the communications committee would be willing to work on this
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    • 2:30 PM 2:40 PM
      Intro/News 10m
      Speakers: David Saltzberg (University of California Los Angeles (US)), John Stupak (University of Oklahoma (US))
    • 2:40 PM 3:30 PM
      Discussion 50m
      Speakers: Anyes Taffard (University of California Irvine (US)), Caterina Vernieri (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (US)), David Saltzberg (University of California Los Angeles (US)), Harvey Newman (California Institute of Technology (US)), John Stupak (University of Oklahoma (US)), Kiley Elizabeth Kennedy (Princeton University (US))