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Federico Stagni (CERN)

Bi-Weekly "Loyal" DIRAC developers meeting. And, following, the LHCbDIRAC developers meeting.

Zoom: BiLD

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Federico Stagni
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BiLD – 04/04/2024

At CERN: Federico, André, Alexandre, Christophe
On Zoom: Janusz, Daniela (late as still mentally on holiday), Simon, Andrei, Igor, Hideki, Janusz, Vladimir, Alexey

Follow-up from previous meetings

  • Last BiLD on March 7th
  • Last DIRAC certification hackathon was supposed to happen March 21st, but was cancelled because of issues discovered before deploying the release
    •  Federico I promised to create a new release and install it, but I did not get a review of the needed PRs…
      • and, we did not “test” the board from GitHub
  • Last BiLDx on March 14th
    • For now on, we are not planning regular BildX meetings anymore, but getting updates in this same meeting

DIRAC communities roundtable



  • Moving to EL9 boxes: started converting existing boxes.
  • Moved (before Easter) the default Singularity container to EL9
    • we discovered a few sites that provided 15+ years old hardware:

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is distributed with the kernel version 5.14, which provides support for the following architectures at the minimum required version:

    • AMD and Intel 64-bit architectures (x86-64-v2)
    • and jobs were rescheduled because only x86-64 was there
    • we decided to do nothing and accept that we can not run there.
  • ARM farm at Glasgow:
    • set it up, not yet ran production jobs



  • Still on v7.3, migration will be completed soon, also extension almost ready



  • NTR



  • WMS system : still investigating, but from time to time there’s a spike of open files.



  • CTA usage: discussion on GitHub to be done. Main question is how to read the data
  • Tested OpenNebula cloud – working smoothly
  • Pilots are taking releases from CVMFS
    • loads on WNs drastically reduced


 Simon, Janusz, Daniela

  • Nothing to report

Topics from GitHub/Discussions

only un-answered topics with discussion updates:

  • Old ARC CE interface?
    • the configuration would need to move from “ARC” to “AREX” and in theory it would still work everywhere

DIRAC releases

  • v8r0
    • NTR
  • v9r0
    • NTR

DIRAC projects


Issues by milestone:

  • v8.0:
    • 10+ open issues, usual reminder for closing/moving old ones
    • No updates on existing ones recently
  • v9.0:
    • 15+ open issues, as usual some movements

Other issues:

PRs discussed:


  • Progress on the Security policy (including the JobPolicy)
  • Started preparing some tasks for the hackathon next week
  • diracx-web:
    • new developer
    • 2 new PRs, already merged
      • JobMonitor: do operations on jobs
      • Integration tests (e.g. login and logout)
        • cypress framework (specific to React world)



  • Merge of devel to masterdone 12th March:
    •  Federico Did not receive any updates nor complains, so I am assuming everything went smoothly – or not?
      • VOs picking releases from CVMFS?
        • LHCb (from lhcb CVMFS repo)
        • ?
  • New PR for devel completely and finally removing py2
  • from previous meeting  Janusz some doc to write


  • from previous meeting Made a new release with libxml2 downgraded. Issue opened to gfal2 for proper fix
    • FTS/gfal developers are going to look at this now
    • ==> a new release is there, pending in conda-forge
  • Requests for Apple-M2 compatibility


  • Building sometimes failing in PRs (not consistently)


  • NTR



  • NTR



  • from previous meeting
    •  Ewoud opened PR for py3.11 (in progress)
      • missing the Intel vs AMD
    •  Federico Can we have DB12 run on ARM


  • NTR


Added PRs for workflow and “submitAndMatch” tests, the main question would be “who can run these tests (they require cert and key secrets)”:

Release planning, tests and certification

  • from previous meeting Trello: up to 10 collaborators:

  •  Federico I added the ARM CE+queue to Glasgow and submitted a few “helloworld” jobs – all fine

  • Certification machines

    • Vanessa created a Alma9 machine, accessible via gsissh and gridmapfile
      •  Federico asked if it would be possible to avoid gsissh and gridmapfile (adduse + ssh + sudoers should be enough…?)
      • We did not discuss about new DBs and so on
  • Next hackathon(s)

    • using github “projects”


Next BiLD: in 3 weeks
Next hackathon: in 2 weeks?


  • v11.0: deploy board in
    • NNTR
  • Added the same workflow tests also added for DIRAC
  • VOMS backend will be shutdown in June 24
    • from previous meeting we need to make sure that all links will be updated
      •  Christophe will do adiabatically over the coming weeks
  • OpenSearch migration?
    • NNTR
  • BKK MRs: should be ~ready
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    • 10:00 AM 10:10 AM
      Items from Previous BiLD-Dev 10m
    • 10:10 AM 10:20 AM
      DIRAC Communities roundtable 10m
    • 10:20 AM 10:30 AM
      DIRAC releases 10m
    • 10:30 AM 10:55 AM
      DIRAC projects 25m
      • DIRAC
      • WebApp
      • Pilot
      • DIRACOS2
      • VMDIRAC
      • Documentation
      • OAuth2
      • DiracX
      • other externals (include Rucio)
    • 10:55 AM 11:00 AM
      Release planning, tests and certification 5m
    • 11:00 AM 11:15 AM
      Weekly development(s) focus 15m
    • 11:15 AM 11:25 AM
      Convener: Federico Stagni (CERN)
    • 11:25 AM 11:40 AM
      LHCbDIRAC 15m