Parallel Beat by Aura Kajas

500/R-203A - Zone réservable ESPACE_EVENEMENT_500_1 (CERN)

500/R-203A - Zone réservable ESPACE_EVENEMENT_500_1


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EXHIBITION of Aura Kajas

Aura Kajas is a Finnish artist who creates sculptures in ceramics. Her works focus on flora and fauna. Biodiversity together with natural habitats has remained her primary inspiration throughout many years. Aura is curious about  interspecies relationships and how they have been interpreted in various art forms throughout different times and cultures.
Her primary medium is ceramics and all her pieces are uniquely hand built in earthenware, stoneware or porcelain. She has  studied jewellery art in Finland and in the Netherlands - at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and she is a member of  Ornamo, The Finnish Association of Designers. 
She has exhibited her works in Finland and abroad since 2003.
Giuseppe Aceto, an Italian designer, visual creator, and musician, is presently an integral member of the CERN community.
Aceto's work delves into the intricate interplay between humanity and machinery, exploring the essence of human existence  itself. His profound philosophical background and the unique approach he employs manifest in a dedicated pursuit of research and development across domains like virtual reality, sound design, and ethical considerations within the realm of technology.

Instagram: @aurakajas

About the installation at CERN, Switzerland:

The idea for the installation "Parallel Beat" was born out of interest in the sensory worlds of animals and plants and the differences between them. 
There’s a huge amount of information all around us that we cannot experience - in fact, no-one can. In the animal world, of which we are part, there are countless variations and specialisations of senses depending on the habitat of each species. This  installation wants to bring to life the sounds of plants, hence "Parallel beat”, normally inaudible to the human ear. 
Although we don't need all the senses, because that would make the world too cacophonous a place, it is interesting if not  appropriate to know about them. Knowing about the information around us and the sensory worlds associated with them opens  new doors for us, enriching our understanding of life on Earth. "Parallel beat" aims to stimulate thoughts and a will to find out  more about parallel worlds that are often overlooked by humans.

When Aura first saw the exhibition area, the first thing that came to her mind was a greenhouse. She honed this thought  throughout the process of planning the installation. She believes that everyone would benefit from having access to a  greenhouse or garden. Even a small green space can help to discover new worlds and appreciate our planet's versatility without 
having to travel afar. Every greenhouse is a microcosm and a fountain of possibilities. You can create different climates and  experience and observe various kinds of metamorphosis and be empowered by nature. 
The sound design for the installation has been crafted by Giuseppe Aceto. Employing devices equipped with PCB controllers linked to the plants within the installation, Aceto transforms electrical conductivity into sound through touch and the varying intensity of contact with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for precise audio management. This approach promises to deliver a distinctive and captivating auditory experience, utilizing a blend of natural sound samples and those generated through subtractive synthesis manipulations. The synergy of cutting-edge technologies and the harmonies of nature will empower visitors to immerse themselves in a diverse array of emotions and sonic atmospheres.

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