Security intrusion at the Zebra Scientific Alliance

160/1-009 (CERN)



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Welcome to the Zebra Scientific Alliance!
The Zebra Scientific Alliance is an organisation relying on multiple teams.
Together they need to overcome the many challenges of collaborating, achieving their own goals, and most importantly, trusting each other.

And today, the organisation is being put to the test. The Zebra Scientific Alliance has been hit hard.
The details are opaque. Log files are missing. Time is running out. Pressure is rising. Police is pushing. Journalists are inquiring. And nothing is as it seems. 
Will the Zebra Scientific Alliance teams be able to solve the case?

Participants will be mapped to the different teams. Together they will experience the typical phases of any crisis: chaos, connection, and hopefully, resolution.  Each team is given a bespoke file with their specific identity, mission & goal.  At the end of the session, participants are expected to have gained additional expertise, strategies and procedures, necessary to handle severe security incidents with confidence.

This is an in-person session. NO REMOTE PARTICIPATION.

Sorry, but we are already fully booked. Please consider our next Zebra: !

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