DD4hep Developers Meeting



Andre Sailer (CERN), Markus Frank (CERN)

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DD4hep Developers Meeting
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Andre Sailer
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Present:  M.Frank, T.Madlehner, A.Sailer

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1) Pending problems

1) ISSUE970:  Support for digitization in ddsim
                       ==> On hold, but should be closed.
2)  ISSUE1199: Persist hepmc vertex status code into output
                      ==> Should we eliminate Geant4EventReaderHepMC
                      ==> Decision: Geant4EventReaderHepMC will be removed
3) PR1240:     Add multithreading support to ddsim 

2)    Closed issues and fixed problems

1) ISSUE1103: Allow isotrope generator to throw range around specified (reference) direction
           ===> Closed. No need to address now. Maybe re-opened by Wouter later.

2) ISSUE1200: Using rotation in DDCAD to rotate around z axis bug.
           ===> Explained correct usage with example to Armin.       (Markus)

3) ISSUE1233: Protect against wrong primary particle mass
     PR1259:    Protect Geant4 Primary creation against negative masses.
           === Fixed according to suggestion by Alvaro (Markus)

4) PR1253:     Add data extension class for FCCee Drift Chamber.
           ==> Possible extension from FCC (Alvaro)

5) ISSUE1256: Tau decay products are produced at the origin with ddsim bug
     PR1260:    DDG4: allow configuring of the unstable generator status codes.
           === Fixed by Andre
6) ISSUE1257: [ddsim] Get total number of events and time per event right
     PR1258:    DDSim: correct the number of events when running over all events (-1)
           ===> Fixed by Andre

7) ISSUE1261: Adding possibility to use G4ScoringMesh
     PR1262:      Create G4ScoringManager in Geant4Kernel steered by option
                      ==> What to be done about scorers?

8) PR1263:      Enhance handling of transformations in VolumeBuilder
           ===> Submitted by Tom Latham

9) PR1264:      Transparently introduce switch to optional parameter values
            ===> Submitted by Thomas

10) PR1265:    Fix various problems indicated by coverity
           ===> Markus

11) PR1266:   DDSim: make setupUserFunction be documented in the steering file
           ===> Andre


3) Round table

Andre:         Eventually new tag will be created when a new LCG release is due.
Thomas:     Ben asked if we have solved the issue of detector components such as check-summing.
                     To be seen.
Markus:      NTR

4) AOB

- - -


Next meeting:   May 30th, 2024

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