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32/S-C22 (CERN)



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Serguei Linev (GSI - Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung GmbH (DE))
ROOT Team Meeting
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Axel Naumann
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Bertrand Bellenot, Lorenzo Moneta, Danilo Piparo, Enrico Guiraud, Jakob Blomer, Vincenzo Eduardo Padulano
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Present: Serguei, Dev, Alja, JonasR, Kristupas, Marta, Adrian, Olivier, Bertrand, Florine, Danilo 


  • Create a new repository to test the graphics, to complement stress graphics. The main way to test the graphics is comparing the SVGs, after removing components such as timestamps. PNGs/PDFs/JPEGs will be tested later. The SVGs will be produced by macros/programs (also python) and will be checked against known and trusted references. The way in which this repo will be used is analogous to roottest. We need to have something extensible, as roottest. We want to add reproducers as they come. All tests which are added to this repository must be deterministic (“de-randomization”). In the repository, we also want to store and check json files. Tests will be executed initially using node.js, invoking jsroot from the ROOT repo.  


  • Adrian: create the repository which is necessary for the testing of web and classic graphics, at first outside of the ROOT organisation of GH (see decisions). 

  • Serguei+Adrian: Identify a reference platform to check the pixel maps, therewith testing the 3D plots. Add a check for the reference platform and implement this in CTest, to run all the pixelmap tests only on that platform.  

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    • 4:00 PM 5:00 PM
      Graphics test automation 1h

      Organization of (web) graphics tests:
      * tests selection - stressGraphics, tutorials, anything else?
      * de-randomization of the tests
      * which repository we want to use? root (no), roottest, introduce new one?
      * store and check generate JSON?
      * check only SVG or also PNG/PDF/JPEG?
      * run tests via node.js or really invoke chrome/firefox browsers?
      * if using node.js - how to invoke JSROOT code from ROOT repository.
      * special problem of 3D testing - WebGL-produced pixmap vary for different platforms

      Check "classical" ROOT graphics as well?

      Example of jsroot-test with stored SVG: