Kick-off meeting of the JENA Working Group 1 on HPC/HTC

61/1-009 - Room C and online (CERN)

61/1-009 - Room C and online



Welcome to the kick-off meeting of the Joint ECFA-NuPECC-ApPEC (JENA) Working Group on HPC/HTC (WG1)

This is an online meeting. Please connect to the Zoom room 148698)

The meeting room 61/1-009 (Room C) has been booked at CERN for people wishing to attend in person.   

An outcome of the JENA computing workshop last year was to setup working groups to identify the computing needs for the next decade, with particular attention to synergies that can benefit all three ENA communities and potentially even neighbouring research fields such as astrophysics or cosmology. 

Five working groups were formed to coordinate the writing of a white paper as a contribution to the next general JENA Symposium in spring 2025, in which representatives of European funding organisations will also participate. 

Please recall the scope of the discussion within the JENA HPC WG, as it was described in the summary of the workshop:

The relationship of the WLCG system with HPC centres and the integration of HPC resources with our current computing infrastructures. For Europe, there is a need to engage at a higher level with EuroHPC. Contrary to the past, there is an opportunity to shape the evolution and policies of HPC facilities towards the ECFA-NuPECC-APPEC (ENA) sciences’ needs with the goal of both augmenting the computing capacity available for this community and facilitating the federation with existing data facilities. 


The ECFA, NuPECC and APPEC chairs have tasked WGs with a clear mandate to produce a report summarizing our findings by the end of November this year.

    • 11:00 AM 11:20 AM
      Introduction 20m
      Speakers: Concezio Bozzi (INFN Ferrara), Gonzalo Merino (IFAE - Institute for High Energy Physics), Johan Messchendorp
    • 11:20 AM 11:40 AM
      Round Table 20m
    • 11:40 AM 12:00 PM
      Next steps 20m