WLCG AuthZ Call


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  • Recap of IAM hackathon
  • High-priority IAM issues working document

    • Please check it out and comment where needed



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  • 25 July 2024
WLCG AuthZ Call
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Tom Dack
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Hannah Short, Maarten Litmaath
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Attendees: Dave, Liz, Enrico, Hannah, Roberta, Mischa, Lina, Matthew, Stephan, Maarten

Apologies: Dave, Tom, John


  • Several of the high priority tickets have been solved (in fact, the vast majority)
  • Enrico: as soon as current code reviews are finished there can be another release 1.10.0 (roughly end of July). 
  • MitreID dependency planned for removal next year
  • Maarten presented at the GDB yesterday https://indico.cern.ch/event/1356136/#8-token-transition-updates
  • Stephan asked about high priority CMS tickets (e.g. scopes can only be defined by admins). Enrico reassured that there will be progress
    • CMS issues should be added to High priority list (we should identify a new list, possibly a public github board, for 1.11 release on Github e.g. https://github.com/orgs/indigo-iam/projects/9)
  • Aiming to get v 2.0 of the profile out soon (by October) fixing some of the well understood problems in the Common JWT Profile doc. Some do need discussion (e.g. Stage scope)
    • Likely to include in DOMA BDT meeting August
    • Would like to limit impact on software maintainers
    • Can ask for signoff from stakeholders



  • All to send high priority issues to the mailing list -> Enrico to create board for 1.11 release including those issues (not experiment specific but specifying initial requestor)
  • Next call to focus on JWT Common Profile improvements for v 2.0
  • Maarten to send email to working groups to ask for consensus on v 2.0 profile (allows developers to progress) 
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