LHC detector simulations: status, needs and prospects

TH Theory Conference Room (CERN)

TH Theory Conference Room


Michelangelo Mangano (CERN), Pere Mato Vila (CERN)

After one full year of validation on collider data, and in preparation for the higher-precision and higher-statistics needs of the coming years, time is ripe for a topical workshop to assess the status of LHC detector simulations, bringing together the current experience of the users from the experiments' physics performance groups, and the developers of the major simulation codes

More details on the proposed format and plan are given in the attached document.

Workshop plan
  • Alexander Kaukher
  • Alexandru GRECU
  • Andrea Dotti
  • Andrea Giammanco
  • Andrea Perrotta
  • Andreas Schaelicke
  • Filimon Roukoutakis
  • Francisca Garay Walls
  • Gloria Corti
  • John Apostolakis
  • John Harvey
  • Krzysztof Jan Sliwa
  • Laura Jeanty
  • Makoto ASAI
  • Marc Verderi
  • Marco Delmastro
  • Markus Jungst
  • Melinda Siciliano
  • Michelangelo Mangano
  • Olivier Arnaez
  • Pere Mato
  • Philip Clark
  • Robert Duane Harrington Jr
  • Sajan Easo
  • Silvia Miglioranzi
  • Stefano Perazzini
  • Zachary Louis Marshall