Virt-Cloud Telecon



Eric Yen (Academia Sinica Grid Computing), Simon Lin (Grid Computing Center - ASGC-Academia Sinica)
Participants: Simon Lin Eric Yen Szombor Nagy Oscar Koeroo Mischa Salle Morris Riedel Shahbaz Memon Björn Hagemeier Agenda Items (taken from Erics email) 1. sharpening the task force objectives. 2. preparing for the upcoming EGI Technical Forum 3. Next Meeting and AoB. Discussions ------------------ - Most discussion items are based on the set of slides sent by Eric earlier in the morning. - Current approach in the architecture document looks more generalized and covers myriad of usecases, we need to narrow down the scope and streamline our work on defining concrete set of scenarios - One of the important messages from the review is to contemplate on the VM and Data security and privacy within a cloud in association with Grids (the review report will be sent soon) - It was concluded that some of the directions coming out from the review which cannot not be directly addressed or implemented, can be drafted in a positive language for our reviewers. - In the current draft multiple features are identified to cloudify EMI products and areas - thereby one can describe unlimited functionalities, it makes more sense to at least have a motivation behind every feature - After the EMI review there has been some restructuring in the project, one important change is the Virtualization and Cloud group is now moved from JRA to NA-3 - Once NA3 formalities are done this group will organize more regular and frequent meetings Actions (Please add if I miss something) ----------- - Eric to contact Patrick on designating someone from the data area to contribute in our team - All: Restructuring of the architecture document according to the review - Shahbaz will compile and edit the changes from all the contributions - As most of the participants visiting EGI TF, it would be productive to have a F2F (not sure open / closed). Simon / Eric will check the room and logistics etc. Related sections with exact wordings from the technical review report ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section: Recommendations concerning future work Establish a clear EMI market positioning with respect to Cloud computing. Understand and focus on the security issues around virtualisation and consider how grid technologies do not present these issues. Section: Demonstrations and Video A cloud position paper has been produced and may be the starting point for deriving the answers to the two questions above. In other words: EMI is not cloud, so why is this a good thing and what does EMI offer that Cloud services do not? After that, identify who (or, what kind of person in industry) might be interested in those kind of differences and target them for future outreach communications. It would be very relevant if EMI would discuss the Cloud proposition with other DCI projects such as EDGI and StatusLab and to make sure that there is no double work. Section: Work Package 3: SA1 Maintenance and Support: The project should understand all security issues around Clouds, for instance the subtle but important differences in handling requirements between the processing of Medical data and personal identification data within an external Cloud by a commercial Cloud supplier. In particular it is important that these sensitive and private data do not become “visible” to unauthorised persons but the manner in which this might be achieved is very different in each case. Section: USE AND DISSEMINATION OF FOREGROUND: Dissemination The slogan “Works with EMI” needs consolidating and a more precise definition should be given alongside an explanation of the real benefit of EMI for people who might use it. Another important aspect of the external communication is EMI positioning vis-à-vis Cloud: this is not yet clear enough. The project should highlight more clearly the differences between Cloud and its own aims and objectives, and why and how EMI is better.
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