LCG Service Coordination Meeting

28/S-029 (CERN)



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Jamie Shiers

Internal meeting for host laboratory LCG service providers focussing on issues on a timescale of ~1 week to ~1 month.

Mailing list:

    • 10:00 10:20
      Outstanding Issues & Actions 20m
      • Experiment servers / services: status
        See CMS task force of Sep 20 and this wiki

        Also affects ATLAS "Tier1" VO boxes that are being setup / tested at CERN.

      • Cleaning of databases prior to multi-VO tests
        On several occasions, the database behind various services have needed to be "cleaned" to prevent performance degradation. This has applied to CASTOR DBs, FTS, dCache etc. Have all the necessary cleaning operations been performed at CERN and outside sites ready for the multi-VO throughput tests starting March 26th? Should these operations be performed regularly? Automatically?
      • Oracle Critical Patch Update
        Critical Patch Updates - see Release Schedule

        Starting 2005, Critical Patch Updates are the primary means of releasing security fixes for Oracle products. They are released on the Tuesday closest to the 15th day of January, April, July and October. The next four dates are:

        • 17 April 2007
        • 17 July 2007
        • (16 October 2007)
        • 15 January 2008
      • Other changes in the pipeline
      • Service preparations for Full Dress Rehearsals
      • FTS 2.0 pilot service and schedule / actions for move to production
    • 10:20 10:40
      LCG Service Review 20m
      • <a href=">Certification/Pre-production</a>
        Speakers: Nick Thackray, Oliver Keeble
        Wiki page
      • <a href="">Monitoring, Logging & Reporting</a>
        Speakers: Ian Neilson, James Casey
      • Core Grid Services
        Speakers: Gavin McCance, Jan van Eldik, Thorsten Kleinwort, Ulrich Schwickerath
      • Fabric & Infrastructure Services
        Speakers: Maria Dimou, Maria Girone, Remi Mollon
      • Experiment Issues
        wiki page

        The primary purpose of this item is to bring up any (hopefully rare) issues that are in danger of becoming "hot" if not given attention.

        By definition, this must be used sparingly (i.e. not for every single problem seen by an experiment) and experience has shown that these issues should be raised in advance, e.g. the day before (or even earlier if possible...)

        Speaker: EIS Team
    • 10:40 10:45
      Any Other Business 5m