Theoretical assessment of the Opera report and its possible implications

by Georgi Dvali, Gian Giudice (CERN), Luis Alvarez-Gaume (CERN), Martin Sloth

TH Theory Conference Room (CERN)

TH Theory Conference Room


The goal of this meeting is to discuss the theoretical assessment of the Opera report and of its possible implications. We shall not focus on a discussion over the systematics of the measurements. Instead, under the assumption that Opera's measurement of distance and time of flight are correct, we shall address a set of questions like: 1- does the Opera measurement imply Lorentz symmetry violation? 2- which types of Lorentz violation are required? 3- which experimental and theoretical constraints apply to these scenarios? 4- is the v>c conclusion categorically excluded from the theoretical perspective, in view of the other experimental constraints, or are there loopholes? 5- if an interpretation in terms of v>c is tenable, what are the further implications of the models that allow this? 6- what are the measurements that must be done to test these allowed scenarios, or to rule them out? The informal discussion will be driven by few theoretical presentations, covering the most relevant issues raised by theoretical papers recently appeared in the literature.
Organized by

Ignatios Antoniadis, Christophe Grojean, Michelangelo Mangano