3-5 September 2007
Europe/Zurich timezone

Numerical tools for the design of beam intercepting devices

5 Sep 2007, 15:00
40-S2-D01 (CERN)



Geneva, Switzerland
Board: 26
Numerical tools for the design of beam intercepting devices Session 5: Codes and simulations results


Luca Bruno (CERN)


Beam intercepting devices (collimators, targets, absorbers) capable of sustaining high-intensity beams are key elements to meet the future physics needs. The highly non-linear phenomena involved in their design study (cavitation, transient magnetic-hydrodynamic effects on liquid metal jets, phase change, fluid-structure interactions) require advanced simulation tools at the forefront of today’s numerical technology. This goes beyond the software usually available which uses numerical techniques not capable of modelling effectively or even unable to study such complex phenomena. In order to address this issue, a technical survey has been performed to investigate the state-of-the-art in numerical simulations. The capabilities of existing advanced numerical tools has been assessed and a code has been identified which combines comprehensive equations of state, strength and failure material libraries, phase transition models and simulation techniques (meshless finite element methods) indispensable to satisfy the design needs. The presentation will focus on the rationale for this choice by examples and a benchmark with experimental results on liquid metal targets performed at CERN.

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