3-5 September 2007
Europe/Zurich timezone

Copper based composites reinforced with carbon nanofibers

4 Sep 2007, 09:30
40-S2-D01 (CERN)



Geneva, Switzerland
Copper based composites reinforced with carbon nanofibers Session 2: New Ideas / New Materials




The Powder Technology Center of the Austrian Research Centers GmbH is working since several years on the development of materials with advanced thermal properties. Different Cu and Al based fiber or particle reinforced composites have been studied. As reinforcement materials carbon fibers, carbon nanofibers (nanotubes), SiC or diamond particles have been used to prepare materials with high thermal conductivity and reduced coefficient of thermal expansion. Such materials are of interest for heat sinks or heat spreaders in electronic´s cooling. One material with a high potential - but big challenges - are copper reinforced by carbon nanofibers. Carbon nanofibers are a promising reinforcement material for copper based composites. The high thermal conductivity of the carbon nanofibers (up to 2000 W/mK) is expected to improve the thermal properties of the composite material. One main problem is the lack of any interfacial reaction between copper and carbon based materials, which requires either a pre-treatment of the nanofibers and/or modification of the matrix (e.g. via alloying). The influence of both possibilities on the thermal performance (thermal diffusivity/conductivity and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) of the material will be shown. In addition microstructure analyses are carried out in order to assess the nanofiber distribution and the quality of the interface.

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