KCMS seminar



Abstract Muon tracks in the events collected by the CMS detector are triggered and reconstructed using the Drift Tube (DT) in the barrel, Cathode Strip Chambers (CSC) in the endcap, and Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC) in both barrel and endcap regions. RPC hits are mainly used as dedicated trigger detector, however they give a contribution in the muon reconstruction as well. Efficiency contribution to the muon reconstruction with and without use of the RPC informations have been studied using the 2011 data and Monte Carlo samples. The results in terms of number of RPC hits and of number of stations crossed in the muon reconstruction and the track efficiency at the level of full muon system will be reported.
    • 17:30 19:30
      The RPC hits in the CMS muon reconstruction 2h
      Speaker: Hyunkwan Seo (Sungkyunkwan University (KR))