CERN Computing Seminar

Models, DSLs and Code Generation

by Markus Völter (itemis AG in Stuttgart, Germany)

IT Auditorium (CERN)

IT Auditorium



Models are abstractions of the real world. They express only those aspects of the target system important for the model's purpose, such as analysis or synthesis. Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) are languages tailored to expressing models in a specific problem domain; they express those models concisely and in a way that makes the implied semantics "obvious". Finally, code generation is the way to synthesize executable code from domain-specific models. In this seminar I will introduce the basic concepts and illustrate some of the benefits of using models, DSLs and code generation in software development, show a couple of example languages and introduce two of the most powerful tools in this area: Eclipse Xtext and JetBrains MPS.

About the speaker

Markus Völter works as an independent researcher, consultant and coach for itemis AG in Stuttgart, Germany. His focus is on software architecture, model-driven software development and domain specific languages as well as on product line engineering. Markus also regularly writes (articles, patterns, books) and speaks (trainings, conferences) on those subjects. Contact him via voelter at acm dot org or

Organised by: Vito Baggiolini / BE Department, and Miguel Angel Marquina
Computing Seminars /IT Department

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