CERN Computing Seminar

SlipStream: automated provisioning and continuous deployment in the cloud

by Marc-Elian Begin (SixSq)

IT Auditorium (CERN)

IT Auditorium



Cloud technology is now everywhere. Beyond the hype, it provides a real opportunity to improve the engineering of software systems. Lately the DevOps movement has also gain momentum, which take an agile approach at bringing developers and system administrators closer together to better engineer software systems.

In this context, this presentation focuses on new tools for exploiting cloud services (private and public) in order to create a continuous flow between software commits and fully deployed and configured software systems, automatically and on-demand. To illustrate this, we present SlipStream and StratusLab.

SlipStream is a new product developed by SixSq, able to create virtual machines and orchestrate multi-machine deployments.  SlipStream started from an idea developed in the context of the ETICS project, led by CERN. StratusLab is an open-source IaaS distribution, able to create public and private clouds.

This presentation will also describe a case study where SlipStream deploys an entire Mission Control System for the Operations Center of the European Space Agency.  We also describe how SlipStream can be integrated with management tools, such as Puppet and Chef.

About the speaker

Marc-Elian Bégin is co-founder of SixSq. At SixSq he is the lead developer of the SlipStream product, leads the Integration and Test Work Package of the StratusLab FP7 project, delivers regular agile training and is coach for different customers, including the Operation Centre of ESA (ESOC). He worked at CERN from 2004 to 2008 in the IT Department, as developer and technical lead on the EGEE and ETICS projects. Before joining CERN, he worked for a decade in the space industry, contributing to the delivery of several software systems, both for the space agencies and industry in Canada and Europe. Marc-Elian is a regular speaker at international events, such as Agile2011, XP2011 and DevOpsDays. In Helix Nebula, he leads the Architecture and Technical Group, responsible for short and longer term technical solutions for the cloud collaboration.

Organised by: Miguel Angel Marquina
Computing Seminars /IT Department

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