CERN Colloquium


by Ariane Koek (CERN)

503-1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503-1-001 - Council Chamber


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In 2000, CERN hosted Signatures of the Invisible – one of the landmark initiatives in arts and science. In 2012, CERN is now initiating its own science/arts programme Collide@CERN in different arts disciplines. The first of these is in digital arts, and the international competition to find the winning artist is called the Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN. It was announced September 2011 at CERN’s first collaboration with an international arts festival – Ars Electronica in Linz. The competition attracted over 395 entries from 40 countries around the world. The winning artist, Julius Von Bismarck, will begin his two month residency here at CERN next month. Ariane Koek who leads on this initiative, discusses the residency programme, as well as the background about Art@CERN. History has shown that particle physics and the arts are great inspiration partners. The publication of the paper by Max Planck which gave birth to quantum mechanics as well as those by Einstein, heavily influenced some of the greatest arts movements of the 20th century: the birth of Surrealism led by Marcel Duchamp; Cubism and the paintings by George Braque and Picasso; and Modernism of James Joyce and Paul Celan, But the inspiration works both ways too: Murray Gell-Man chose the word quark out of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake as the name for the group of particles which form one of the fundamental units of matter. Ariane Koek leads on International Arts Development in the Communication Group (DG-CO). Manifesto for Arts@CERN published in The Art Newspaper October 2011 -
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Ignatios Antoniadis/PH-TH................................Tea and coffee will be served at 16h00

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