MSC Seminars

SPS Dipole Coil Measuring Bench

by Andras Eszes (CERN)

30/7-012 (CERN)



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Abstract: In the frame of the SPS main dipole consolidation, additional spare coils will be needed. The H-type design of these magnets, with excitation coils extending into the pole gap, requires to position the inner conductor of the 1.8 tons, 6.5 m long coils with a precision of 0.2 mm . This is necessary to keep the random field variations within the specified tolerances. Originally, this has been done by determining the coil geometry for the assembly on a special measurement table which is now out of service. Therefore, a new measurement bench is in construction at the SPS magnet laboratory which presents improved precision and more functionalities. This presentation summarizes the design and manufacture of this new bench, focusing on the technical challenges to meet the requirements
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Ezio Todesco