Jul 4 – 11, 2012
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Australia/Melbourne timezone
ICHEP2012 - 36th International Conference for High Energy Physics

Latest Results on Searches for Dark Matter from IceCube

Jul 6, 2012, 4:45 PM
Room 216 (Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre)

Room 216

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Melbourne Australia
Parallel Sessions Track 11. Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Room 216 - Top Quark Physics / Particle Astrophysics & Cosmology - TR4 & TR11


Mr Matthias Danninger (Stockholm University (SE))


Construction of the IceCube neutrino observatory was completed in early 2011, including a low-energy in-fill extension. This DeepCore sub-detector offers exciting opportunities for neutrino physics in the energy range of 10 GeV to 1 TeV. IceCube searches indirectly for dark matter via neutrinos from dark matter self-annihilations and has a high discovery potential through striking signatures. We report on the latest results from searches for dark matter self-annihilations in the Milky Way and nearby Galaxy clusters, as well as the search for signals from the Sun and Earth. Furthermore, a formalism for quickly and directly comparing event-level IceCube data with arbitrary annihilation spectra in detailed model scans, considering not only total event counts, but also event directions and energy estimators is presented. We show an application of this formalism to both model exclusion and parameter estimation in models of supersymmetry.

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Primary author

Mr Matthias Danninger (Stockholm University (SE))


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