9-12 September 2012
AGH AGH University of Science and Technology
Europe/Zurich timezone


Physics at High Energy Frontier and Flavour Physics

10 Sep 2012, 11:00
AGH AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH AGH University of Science and Technology

Reymonta 7, Krakow, Poland


Physics at High Energy Frontier and Flavour Physics

  • Y. Kuno ()
  • R. Forty (Scientific Secretary)

Physics at High Energy Frontier and Flavour Physics

  • A. Lister (Scientific Secretary)
  • K. Desch ()
  • M. Diemoz ()


The session will first summarize the present experimental status of high-energy frontier physics and of flavour physics, as well as precision frontier physics on fundamental symmetries. The objective of this session is to further the understanding of the current status on these subjects before discussing how to proceed, with the aim of finding new physics phenomena beyond the Standard Model in the broad particle physics context.

Then, options for future projects at the highest energies and major projects in flavour physics are discussed.
Based on the experimental status presented in the morning session, the first talk will summarize the present state of the exploration of physics at the Terascale, point out the most important open questions, which theoretical models are proposing the most promising solutions and which are the main physics observables to be measured in the future.
In the second talk, the opportunities and ideas for future collider facilities and their physics case for the above topics will be presented with different emphasis, in particular
- The LHC-HL physics programme
- Electron positron collider at the EWSB scale
- High-luminosity flavour programme
- Physics of future high energy frontier with hadron and lepton colliders
- Other opportunities (depending on the received input)
The discussion session will be structured into several parts (depending on the received input) covering (not necessarily exclusively)
- Synthesis of the physics opportunities and their priorities
- LHC high luminosity upgrade
- Higgs factory
- LC at higher energies
- Flavour facilities
- Multi-TeV projects

Presentation Materials

Guenther Dissertori (ETH Zuerich)
10/09/2012, 11:00
30' + 5' discussion
Gino Isidori (Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare)
10/09/2012, 12:10
20' + 5' discussion
Terry Wyatt (University of Manchester)
10/09/2012, 14:35
10/09/2012, 15:15
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