9-12 September 2012
AGH AGH University of Science and Technology
Europe/Zurich timezone


Strong Interaction Physics

10 Sep 2012, 17:00
AGH AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH AGH University of Science and Technology

Reymonta 7, Krakow, Poland


Strong Interaction Physics

  • P. Braun-Munzinger ()
  • K. Kutak (Scientific Secretary)


In the session on strong interactions, an update will be given on the status and opportunities in this field.

In the first talk of this session an overview will be presented of the field of 'Strong Interactions and QCD at the High Energy Frontier'. Accurate QCD predictions are crucial for experiments at the LHC, in high energy cosmic ray studies, neutrino experiments and for future colliders. However, there are still many issues which require deeper theoretical understanding or more precise experimental input. Therefore, QCD studies remain an important part of the physics programs at existing and future facilities. The first talk will discuss open questions and present possible future options for QCD studies at fixed target and collider facilities (e.g. LHeC), focusing on measurements which require the use of large infrastructures.

The second talk in this session will be devoted to Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions. At the energy frontier of the LHC, the abundant production of hard probes (heavy quarks and jets) will be used by the major experiments ALICE, ATLAS, and CMS to investigate fundamental questions such as the degree of deconfinement in and the transport coefficients of this new state of matter. The experiments at the LHC will need significant upgrades in Pb-Pb luminosity to fully explore the physics potential of nuclear collisions at the high energy frontier.
At lower energies, experiments will focus on matter at extreme baryon density and the search for a possible critical endpoint. Third generation experiments in the regime of physics at high baryon density with very challenging luminosities are currently being discussed at GSI/FAIR, Dubna/NICA, and the CERN SPS facility to address questions related to the QCD phase diagram in this regime.

Presentation Materials

Paul Newman (University of Birmingham)
10/09/2012, 17:00
Harald Appelshaeuser (Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Univ.)
10/09/2012, 17:30
10/09/2012, 17:50
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