RECFA Meeting in Poland-Krakow May 2012

from Friday, 11 May 2012 (09:00) to Saturday, 12 May 2012 (14:00)
Polish Academy of Art and Sciences (Assembly hall)

        : Sessions
    /     : Talks
        : Breaks
11 May 2012
09:00 Welcome from organizers - Prof. Andrzej Bialas (PAU)   (Assembly hall)
09:05 Welcome from authorities - TBC   (Assembly hall)
09:15 Education and PP research in Poland - overview - Prof. Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (UW)   (Assembly hall)
09:35 Financing of research - NCN - Prof. Andrzej Jajszczyk (NCN)   (Assembly hall)
09:55 Financing of research - NCBiR - TBC   (Assembly hall)
10:15 pp experiments at LHC - ATLAS - Dr Pawel Bruckman de Renstrom   (Assembly hall)
10:30 pp experiments at LHC - CMS - Dr Marcin Konecki (UW)   (Assembly hall)
10:45 Astroparticle physics (Auger, Magic, HESS, CTA, DM...) - Prof. Michal Ostrowski (UJ)   (Assembly hall)
11:00 Coffee break   (Assembly hall)
11:30 HERA, Compas, Hermes (spin, low-x, diffraction...) - Dr Krzysztof Kurek (NCBJ)   (Assembly hall)
11:50 HERA, Compas, Hermes (spin, low-x, diffraction...) - Prof. Jan Kisiel (US)   (Assembly hall)
12:10 Heavy Flavours (LHCb, Belle, Super-B, kaon exp...) - Dr Andrzej Bozek (IFJ PAN)   (Assembly hall)
12:25 High energy heavy ions (ALICE, STAR, NA61...) - Dr Adam Kisiel (PW)   (Assembly hall)
12:40 Lunch break   (Assembly hall)
14:00 Historical perspective - Prof. Andrzej Kajetan Wroblewski (UW)   (Assembly hall)
14:45 BSM theory and Cosmology - Prof. Zygmunt Lalak (UW)   (Assembly hall)
15:05 Coffee break   (Assembly hall)
15:35 Physics and detector R&D for future projects - Prof. Marek Idzik (AGH)   (Assembly hall)
15:55 SM theory (QCD, generators, corrections...) - Prof. Wieslaw Placzek (UJ)   (Assembly hall)