A&T Seminar

Accelerators and Medicine

by Donatella Ungaro (ADAM SA)

6/2-024 - BE Auditorium Meyrin (CERN)

6/2-024 - BE Auditorium Meyrin


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About 50% of particle accelerators running in the world today are used for medical applications.
The main areas of use are: radioisotope production, conventional radiotherapy with electron and photon beams, oncological hadron-therapy.
Standard linear accelerators are also used for the IORT (Intra Operative Radiation Therapy) technique, which is receiving a growing interest in radiotherapy: a high dose of ionizing radiation is delivered directly to the tumor location and immediately after tumor ablation, as part of the surgical operation.
For all these medical applications, substantial innovation can come from more compact and performing equipments that can take advantage of the increase of RF operating frequency of the linacs with respect to the standard products.
The activity of the ADAM Company is mainly focused on the development of innovative compact linear accelerators and detectors for medical applications. The results achieved in the last four years by the ADAM team and the research activities planned for the future will be shown.
Organized by

H. Burkhardt (BE), S. Sgobba (EN), G. deRijk (TE)