eXtreme Data Workshop

Seminar Room 1 (The Cosenor's House)

Seminar Room 1

The Cosenor's House

Abingdon, UK
Neil Geddes (STFC - Science & Technology Facilities Council (GB)) , Tim Nicholls (STFC (RAL))
The extreme data rates achievable by modern detectors requires sophisticated data handling and real time analysis simply to allow the data to be recorded effectively. The Centre for eXtreme Data is a working title for a virtual Centre bringing together expertise from the full pipeline from initial detection system through to end user analysis electronics. To help evaluate the scope and potential for this as a centre. This workshop will bring together experts in:
  • Relevant scientific challenges (e.g. micro-tomography, XFEL science, LHC, radio-astronomy)
  • imaging detectors
  • data intensive computing, GPUs, networking and data transport
  • algorithms, software and visualisation