NA4 Bioinformatics Activity meeting #5

tbd (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre CSCS)


Swiss National Supercomputing Centre CSCS

Galleria 2 - Via Cantonale CH-6928 Manno(Switzerland) Phone (Switchboard): +41 (91) 610 8211
Christophe Blanchet (CNRS IBCP) , Peter Kunszt (CSCS)
Bioinformatics is a major application area for the EGEE project. The bioinformatics sector targets gene and protein sequences analysis. It includes genomics, proteomics and phylogeny. The bioinformatics applications are now established as regular users of the infrastructure. The main goal of the Bioinformatics Activity in EGEE is to build a bioinformatics community around the EGEE platform. There are currently twenty applications having joined the Bioinformatics community on EGEE Grid. We are collaborating with related projects BIOINFOGRID (EU-FP6), SwissBioGrid (National Grid Initiative) and EELA (EU-FP6) to port a broad spectrum of their applications to the EGEE production infrastructure, and with the European Network of Excellence EMBRACE (EU-FP6).
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    • 14:00 17:00
      Porting Applications with GridWay on EGEE

      The aim of the tutorial is to provide a global overview of the process
      of installing, configuring and using GridWay on EGEE. The course will
      describe the development of codes using the C and JAVA bindings of the DRMAA
      OGF standard and its Command Line Interface. The development of codes
      using DRMAA assures compatibility of applications with other management
      systems that implements the standard, such as SGE, Condor, Torque.
      The course includes hands-on exercises.

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    • 09:00 12:00
      Porting Applications with GridWay on EGEE (follow-up)
    • 14:00 17:00
      EGEE Bioinformatics Internal Meeting

      Status and plans of the EGEE Bioinformatics applications (EGEE partners only).

      Each partner is invited to give during the meeting a report about:
      1) Applications status and bioinformatics accomplishments of your institute last period.
      2) Resolved issues
      3) Outstanding issues
      4) Meeting information
      5) Publications

    • 09:00 17:00
      EGEE and Swiss Bio Grid Collaboration Meeting

      Presentations of scientific results obtained in Bioinformatics and Grid by both communities, EGEE and SwissBiogrid.

      Contact the chairmen if you'll like to give a presentation.