4th LHC Upgrade Machine Experiment Interface Meeting



Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN)
Meeting between representatives from the machine and experiments on aspects of possible LHC upgrade scenarios. (http://ts-dep.web.cern.ch/ts-dep/groups/lea/lhc_upgrade/) Please note that information on the upcoming LHC upgrade workshops can be found at: http://care-hhh.web.cern.ch/CARE-HHH/workshops.htm
    • 16:00 16:10
      Approval of the Minutes 10m
      Speaker: Emmanuel Tsesmelis
    • 16:10 16:50
      Matters Arising 40m
      LHC Upgrade Workshops: - CARE-HHH-APD Workshop on LHC IR Upgrade (IR'07), INFN Frascati, Italy (7-9 November 2007) - CARE-HHH-APD Workshop on LHC Injectors Upgrade and LHC Beam Parameters Upgrade including Francesco Ruggiero - Memorial Symposium (BEAM'07), CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (1-5 October 2007)
    • 16:50 17:10
      Review of LHC Machine Upgrade Parameters 20m
      Speaker: Dr Frank Zimmermann (AB/ABP)
    • 17:10 17:30
      Luminosity Leveling with the Early Separation Scheme 20m
      Speaker: Guido Sterbini (Universita di Roma I "La Sapienza")
    • 17:30 17:50
      Summary of Working Group on Interface Issues in the Experimental Areas 20m
      Speakers: Dr Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN), Peter J. Limon (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL))
    • 17:50 18:10
      AOB 20m
      Speaker: Emmanuel Tsesmelis