CalcHEP and HEPMDB: practical introduction and tutorial

by Dr Alexander Belyaev (University of Southampton & Rutherford Lab)

40/R-C10 (CERN)



EVO link --- http://evo.caltech.edu/evoNext/koala.jnlp?meeting=MtM8Ma2t2aDuDu9D92Ds9t
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The practical introduction into CalcHEP package and High Energy Physics Model database will be given together with the follow-up tutorial. CalcHEP is a powerful tool for theoretical, phenomenological and experimental studies in High Energy Physics (HEP). CalcHEP allows users to automate the calculations and studies starting from the introduction of any user-defined model and ending by the realistic event simulation, kinematical distributions and analysis. In its present status CalcHEP can be considered is a ready setup for study of LHC physics within Standard Model and Beyond. On the other hand HEPMDB is a convenient centralized storage environment for HEP models, and can accommodate, via web interface to the HPC cluster, the validation of models, evaluation of LHC predictions and event generation-simulation chain. The ultimate goal of HEPMDB is perform an effective LHC data interpretation isolating the most successful theory for explaining the LHC observations.
CalcHEP manual
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