ETICS Coordination Meeting

28-1-007 (CERN)



ETICS Coordination Meeting
*********************************************************************** - News and announcements - Actions - Status report *********************************************************************** 20-07-2007. ETICS Coordination Meeting (CERN). Participants: Alberto, Tomek, Guillermo, Marc-Elian, Marian (taking minutes) News and announcements ====================== None. Status Report: Marian ====== Upgrade of the ETICS installation for OMII-Europe - ongoing, some troubles, no login access. Will continue next week (Richard on holiday) Upgrade at INFN with Matteo - completed (some troubles with the configuration files) Service interruption will be needed for ETICS server maintenance (kernel upgrade) - reboot. Planned for Monday or Tuesday SLC3 approaching end of life at the end of October 31st, 2007. No support after that date, no patches, no new installations. Currently we observe plenty of builds targeting the slc3, so this makes me think we should extend the SLC3 node set rather than shrink. GD has been contacted. Possible copy of the SLC3 distribution in order to assure the possibility of installing the new nodes beyond this period. Preparation for IPv6 meeting at CERN (the 25th of July 2007) Marc-Elian ========== WP5: D5.9 done D5.7 in the draft state - needs review co-scheduling plug-in for java - to be tested. Tomek volunteering Local co-scheduling tests completed, remote part to be done Arriving student should inject the gLite tests to ETICS in the collaboration with SA3 representative Paolo provided new layout for the WebApplication. Will be deployed on etics-test. Non-propritary icons have to be designed/found before deploying in production. Alberto ======= Client v1.1.1 already ready. Will be deployed on Monday. Bugs fixed in the deployment list generation, glite meta-packages creation. This is not easy as no clear definition of the meta-package is known. Taking that into account providing functionality to safitfu SA3 needs. Troubles with the packages not following the gLite/ETICS convention using the custom spec-files: 1 package producing more than 1 RPM. Proposed virtual packages not accepted. Developing the plug-in for the information extraction from Savannah (statistics, bugs evolution) ongoing. No access to the database => parsing HTML, provided XML not clean. Porting client to Windows ongoing. Among the identified software one needs: - C++: VS 2003 or VS Toolkit 2003 - not being distributed anymore by Microsoft. Copy could be found, but cannot be redistributed - Microsoft SDK - .NET SDK v1.1 - py-openssl Proposed support for Python v2.5 only Solutions identified for the certificates: daemon, icon in the windows toolbar Tomek ===== OMII: Application completed and deployed in INFN. Minor comments about the messages. All Hands meeting in August. Questions to be asked during the SA2 meeting ETICS Portal: planned to be completed by 27th of July 2007 MyETICS: resuming activity Guillermo ========= Locking: 60-70 % done Guillermo is trying to optimise it - ongoing Need to schedule design discussions on requirements from SA3/Porting and DILIGENT: Quickly reviewed the reqs (see agenda page for details). No immediate actions required. WS v1.1.1 addressing the SQL exception deployed on production Actions ======= Alberto: - Clear security issues with Romain Wartel regarding granting access from outside to dev machines: ? - Plugins code checker for ipv6: Done (in v1.1) - discuss with GD about resources for 64 bit machines - awaiting reply Marian: - Southampton installation upgrade: ongoing - 1 Fedora Core 6 64 bit to be reinstalled with SLC4 64 bit. - Done - Attaching Mario’s node to the production system introduces delays in the match making.Investigate the late matchmaking - Solved. Problems with the DNS and Condor/NMI match-making - We have a few links/url using machine name, instead of the proper name ( Check that machine names are not used but the proper name (e.g. This was done on etics-test, need to check that it works on production machine. - provide the NMI syntax to Guillermo for the NMI file: Done Guillermo: - Organize the meeting between the team for sharing knowledge: ? - Enforce unicity of names within the project: partially done - We discussed the problem of registration following the release of v1.1. Action(Marian/Gullermo): use ‘scp’ for the production machine for nmi scripts, instead of using wget from a soft link in the repository - ongoing - (+Paolo) check-box for the IPv6 flag and translation of it to the NMI syntax. Tomasz: - Set training about etics in GWT: ???!!! -- ??? Carlos: - None Marc-Elian: - organise a meeting to define the roadmap of automated deployment - Marian would like to have the free form req available by the 25/07 for the IPv6 meeting: Ask Paolo to release old layout with free form req. Seems to pass the requirements- probably obsolete as the new layout is being worked on Could not see submitted job in the yet? - Ask Paolo to release old layout with free form req by 25/07.
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