CERN Computing Seminar

Nifty Native Implemented Functions: low-level meets high-level code

by Ian Plosker (Basho Technologies), Matt Heitzenroder (Basho Technologies)

IT Auditorium (CERN)

IT Auditorium



Erlang Native Implemented Functions (NIFs) allow developers to implement functions in C (or C++) rather than Erlang. NIFs are useful for integrating high performance or legacy code in Erlang applications. The talk will cover how to implement NIFs, use cases, and common pitfalls when employing them. Further, we will discuss how and why Erlang applications, such as Riak, use NIFs.

About the speaker

Ian Plosker is the Technical Lead, International Operations at Basho Technologies, the makers of the open source database Riak. He has been developing software professionally for 10 years and programming since childhood. Prior to working at Basho, he developed everything from CMS to bioinformatics platforms to corporate competitive intelligence management systems. At Basho, he's been helping customers be incredibly successful using Riak.

Organised by: Jakob Blomer/PH Department and Miguel Angel Marquina
Computing Seminars /IT Department