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Brief notes from SRM 2.2 deployment Coordination meeting of Sep 17 2007

Present: J.Shiers (chair), H.Renshall (notes), J-P.Baud, J.Gordon, P.Fuhrmann, G. Oleynik, A.Cass, T.Perelmutov, F. Donno

JS asked about immediate srm 2.2/dcache/castor status. PF said that an FZK dcache upgrade to the required level was now scheduled for 5/6 November (this has been agreed with CMS at the last MB as it is just after their CSA07 exercise). AC thought the castor interfaces would be ready by the end of November.

JS asked was it realistic that production quality srm 2.2 services would be available at CERN and most of the T1 by the end of the year. This raised a few points. PF does not want 2 dcache sites upgrading at the same time and it was agreed he would coordinate the timings. Although desirable he could not be sure how many dcache sites would have done the necessary conversion by the end of the year.

JS then asked if a figure of 50% of the time of dcache/castor developers to be available for consultation was realistic. There was general agreement but that this was probably the upper limit.

JS asked if an outstanding issue of some dcache return codes needing improvement could be delivered in 3/4 weeks so as to give enough time for experiment and site testing and PF will try and respect this deadline.

JS then proposed that the documentation on how sites can setup and configure dcache be treated as a deliverable for the November workshop and PF agreed with this proposal.

The above information will now be fed into the LHCC referees review of the status of WLCG next Monday and Jamie will bring any feedback to the next meeting. The next meeting should look at site readiness for srm 2.2 testing then the week after that will look at experiment readiness.

Jamie thanked the attendees for the good progress in this work.

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    • 15:30 15:40
      Schedule for production releases 10m
    • 15:40 15:50
      Expert availability in coming weeks 10m
    • 15:50 16:00
      Summary of key issues 10m