1st Plenary ECFA - CERN

503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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    • 1
      • a) Aims, activities and conclusions of ECFA in 1963 (E. Amaldi)
      • b) Purpose of the present ECFA and the agenda of this meeting (E. Amaldi)
      • c) Time schedule and work at CERN (B.P. Gregory)
    • 2
      Basic specification for the existing 300 GeV study, the 1964 report and. subsequent activities (K. Johnsen)
    • 3
      Questions arising from changes in the physics situation since 1963 (R.H. Dalitz)
    • 4
      Changes since 1963 at CERN, in the USA and in the USSR (B.P. Gregory)
    • 5
      Changes in national programmes : introduction to future national reports from each country (E. Amaldi)
    • 6
      Review of problems arising in connection with the specification and design of big proton accelerators (A. Schoch)
    • 7
      Presentation of a list of main changes since 1963 in instrumentation (G. Salvini)
    • 8
      Establishment of working groups to study some of the more important questions raised under 3) through7)
    • 9
      Date of next meeting