11-14 March 2013
Saas Fee
Europe/Zurich timezone

Features of the new xrootd client and ROOT I/O plugin.

Mar 12, 2013, 11:20 AM
Schweizerhof (Saas Fee)


Saas Fee



Lukasz Janyst (CERN)


Thanks to its scalability and modular structure, the XRootD framework has been successfully integrated into the data storage infrastructure of CERN and many other WLCG sites. Being a key component of EOS and CASTOR systems it provides access to bulk of the LHC data and serves petabytes of storage space for physics data analysis. Extensive usage over several years has revealed many opportunities for improving the scalability and maintainability of the original client software. To address these and better leverage all the features of the xrootd native protocol, we have decided to re-engineer the client. This contribution presents the new xrootd client, concepts behind its API, its functionality and some performance characteristics. It will also discuss the deployment plan, focusing on integration into the ROOT framework as a new TFile plug-in, and future developments.

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