MUSIC and MARTINI with a Hadronic Afterburner

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: E-29
Poster Jets Poster session


Sangwook Ryu (McGill University)


We present our improved event generator for heavy ion collisions which combines MUSIC, MARTINI and UrQMD. This combines hydrodynamic evolution QGP starting with the IP-Glasma and MC-Glauber initial conditions (MUSIC), jet production and propagation through the evolving medium (MARTINI) and the final hadronic interactions of the bulk and jet particles using the UrQMD. The result is generation of full events for relativistic heavy ion collisions consistently including both the soft and hard physics of each event. In this talk, we will present our first results on jet quenching, high and low $p_T$ di-hadron correlations, and effects on $v_2$ and $v_3$ with an emphasis on the difference between the IP-Glasma and the MC-Glauber initial conditions. These calculations will be compared to recent RHIC and the LHC data and implications for future work will be discussed.
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Primary author

Sangwook Ryu (McGill University)


Dr Bjoern Schenke (Brookhaven National Lab) Charles Gale (McGill University) Clint Young (University of Minnesota) Gabriel Denicol (McGill University) Matthew Luzum (McGill / LBNL) Sangyong Jeon (McGill University)

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