The Magneto-Sono-Luminescence and its signatures in photon and dilepton production in heavy ion collisions

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: G-02
Poster Electromagnetic Probes Poster session


Gokce Basar (Stony Brook University)


I introduce a novel mechanism for anisotropic photon and dilepton production in heavy ion collisions, stemming from the interplay between the fluctuations of gluonic matter, fermonic loops and the existence of strong (electro)magnetic fields. A particular example of this mechanism is tied with the conformal anomaly of QCD and described by the hydrodynamical bulk modes of QCD plasma. I show that it leads to the photon production yield that is comparable to the yield from conventional sources. Furthermore, this mechanism provides a a significant positive contribution to the azimuthal anisotropy of photons (v2) and shows agreement with the PHENIX data.

Primary authors

Dmitri Kharzeev (Stony Brook U./BNL) Edward Shuryak (stony brook university) Gokce Basar (Stony Brook University) Vladimir Skokov (Brookhaven national laboratory)

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