Final state effects on charge asymmetry of pion elliptic flow in high-energy heavy-ion collisions

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: H-16
Poster Collective Dynamics Poster session


Guo-Liang Ma (Shanghai INstitute of Applied Physics (SINAP), CAS)


Within a multi-phase transport (AMPT) model with string melting mechanism and an imported electric charge quadrupole distribution in the initial partonic coordinate space, the elliptic flow asymmetry between positive and negative pions is investigated. The slope parameter $r$ of the linear dependence of $\Delta v_{2}=v_{2}(\pi^{-})-v_{2}(\pi^{+})$ on $A_{ch}=(N^{+}-N^{-})/(N^{+}+N^{-})$ is yielded by the conversion from an initial electric charge quadrupole distribution to a charge-dependent elliptic flow via a strong parton cascade process. The slope parameter $r$ is increased by the hadronization of coalescence, and then decreased by final resonance decays. Because the slope parameter $r$ is very sensitive to both initial electric charge quadrupole percentage and centrality, a helpful constraint of the effect from chiral magnetic wave is extracted out in Au+Au collisions at the top RHIC energy. Reference: Guo-Liang Ma, arXiv:1401.6502.

Primary author

Guo-Liang Ma (Shanghai INstitute of Applied Physics (SINAP), CAS)

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