Towards the continuum limit of thermodynamics from lattice QCDwith dynamical charm

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: A-11
Poster QCD at High Temperature and/or Density Poster session


Dr Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz (JINR Dubna, VBLHEP and BLTP)


We present first results achieved within a recently started project dealing with lattice QCD thermodynamics in the presence of two dynamical quark generations. We explore temperatures ranging from 150 to 650 MeV employing the twisted mass discretization for Wilson-type quarks and following a fixed-lattice scale approach at three different lattice spacings in order to control the approach to the continuum limit. The effect due to the inclusion of the second quark generation is studied by comparing with previously obtained two-flavour results.
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Primary author

Dr Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz (JINR Dubna, VBLHEP and BLTP)


Dr Florian Burger (Humboldt University Berlin) Dr Mariapaola Lombardo (INFN, Lab. Nazionali di Frascati) Prof. Michael Mueller-Preussker (Humboldt University Berlin)

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