Description of ${\langle p_{\mathrm{T}}\rangle}$-${N_{\mathrm{ch}}}$ correlations in pp, pA and AA collisions in Monte Carlo model based on the interaction of color dipoles

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: I-16
Poster Correlations and Fluctuations Poster session


Vladimir Kovalenko (St. Petersburg State University (RU))


The correlation between the mean transverse momentum and the multiplicity of charged particles, recently measured by the ALICE experiment in ${{\mathrm {p\kern-0.05em p}}}$, ${{\mbox{p-Pb}}}$ and ${{\mbox{Pb-Pb}}}$ collisions at LHC, is studied in the framework of string-parton Monte-Carlo model, in which the elementary collisions are realized by interactions of color dipoles. It enables to describe pA and AA scattering without referring to the Glauber picture of independent nucleon collisions and to include the account of string fusion as a source of collectivity effects. The model reproduces multiplicity yields in wide energy range (from ISR to LHC) as well as the centrality dependence of multiplicity in ${{\mbox{Pb-Pb}}}$ collisions. The results obtained in the framework of the model for ${\langle p_{\mathrm{T}}\rangle}$-${N_{\mathrm{ch}}}$ correlations describe the main features of the experimental data. The contribution of different mechanisms to ${\langle p_{\mathrm{T}}\rangle}$-${N_{\mathrm{ch}}}$ correlation is analyzed.

Primary author

Vladimir Kovalenko (St. Petersburg State University (RU))


Vladimir Vechernin (St. Petersburg State University (RU))

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