Wigner Function on the lattice: a new tool to study the strongly coupled quark-gluon plasma at finite T and \mu

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: A-21
Poster QCD at High Temperature and/or Density Poster session


Yuji Sakai (Kyushu University)


We study the temperature and chemical potential dependence of the momentum distributions of quasi-particles in the quark-gluon plasma. The Wigner functions of quarks and gluons, whose spatial integration is related to the momentum distributions, are calculated with the 2-flavor lattice QCD simulations. We found significant changes of the shape of the momentum distribution around the boundary between the hadronic phase and the quark-gluon plasma. This provides a new tool to study the behavior of the quasi-particles in the strongly coupled QGP.

Primary author

Yuji Sakai (Kyushu University)


Atsushi Nakamura (U Hiroshima) Dr Takuya Saito (RIKEN) Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN)

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