Hydrodynamics and jets in dialogue

May 20, 2014, 10:20 AM
titanium (darmstadtium)



Schlossgraben 1 64283 Darmstadt Germany
Contributed Talk Jets Jets


Korinna Christine Zapp (CERN)


We investigate both the medium-induced modifications of jets and the jet-induced modifications of the medium in heavy ion collisions at LHC energies with JEWEL. JEWEL is a fully microscopic Monte Carlo event generator for jet evolution in a dense medium relying on perturbative concepts, that can take any model of the medium as input. We present a detailed comparison between a full viscous hydrodynamic calculation for central events and a simplified, computationally inexpensive model. We also study the modification of the hydrodynamic expansion due to jet energy loss by extracting the local energy and momentum transfer from the jet to the medium. The latter can be used as a source term in the hydrodynamic equations and we discuss its influence.

Primary authors

Korinna Christine Zapp (CERN) Stefan Floerchinger (CERN)

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