Correlations and higher-order flow: new heavy-quark observables in relation to the bulk dynamics

19 May 2014, 17:10
platinum (darmstadtium)



Schlossgraben 1 64283 Darmstadt Germany
Contributed Talk Open Heavy Flavour and Quarkonia Heavy flavor


Dr Marlene Nahrgang


The progress made by experimental collaborations in measuring heavy-flavor particles in heavy-ion collisions with unprecedented precision is accompanied by the advancement of theoretical calculations. Our recently developed model, which couples a Monte-Carlo Boltzmann-propagation of heavy quarks to the 3+1d fluid dynamical evolution from fluctuating EPOS initial conditions reproduces well the experimental data for the traditional observables like the nuclear modification factor and the elliptic flow. In this talk we will discuss correlations and higher-order flow harmonics as new heavy-quark observables and demonstrate their potential to reveal properties of the QGP. Our studies show that correlations of heavy-flavor particles are sensitive to the energy loss mechanism. Experimentally feasible correlation observables can thus discriminate between elastic and radiative processes and provide valuable information about the transport coefficients. Higher-order flow harmonics, $v_n$, quantify the degree of thermalization of heavy quarks beyond our current understanding of the built-up of elliptic flow. By selecting special classes of bulk events from the probability distribution of $v_n$ of light-flavor hadrons we discuss systematically how relating the light- and the heavy-flavor sector help us understand the interaction mechanisms and thermalization in the QGP.

Primary author

Dr Marlene Nahrgang


Joerg Aichelin (University of Nantes) Klaus Werner (Subatech) Pol Gossiaux (Subatech)

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