CERN Computing Seminar

Discussion on the Future of C++ (Bristol Meeting)

by Axel Naumann (CERN)

32-1-A24 (CERN)



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The future of C++ is defined by an ISO committee that includes CERN. Several proposals are on the table for the upcoming committee meeting (Bristol, April 15-20). Axel will present how the standardization process works, and show the main proposals for upcoming standard revisions (the next one being scheduled already for next year!) and technical specifications (the first one is already expected this year!). The complete list of proposals is attached to this event page. The feedback from this meeting will then be voiced at the standards meeting: participate here and you help shape C++!

About the speaker

Axel Naumann is a member of the ROOT team in the PH-SFT group, where he is working on ROOT's interpreter and type information system. Since 2012 CERN sends him to the C++ standard meetings.

Organised by: Miguel Angel Marquina
Computing Seminars /IT Department

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