CERN openlab Summer Student programme 2013

CERN openlab Summer Students Lightning Talks

by Dr Alberto Di Meglio (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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During this fast-paced lightening talk session, the CERN openlab summer students will present the projects they are working on as part of their CERN experience. It’s an excellent opportunity for the students to show what they have been working on so far and for everybody else to get information on many interesting activities being carried out in several IT Groups on different technologies. Agenda 15:30 - Welcome (Frederic Hemmer) 15:35 - Rules and logistics (Alberto Di Meglio) 15:45 - Presentations (Session 1) 15:45 - Regressive network system testing (Adam Krajewski) 15:51 - The ViSION Health Monitor (Andrei Radu Patrascoiu) 15:57 - Improved metrics collection and visualization for the CERN cloud storage test framework (Carolina Lindqvist) 16:03 - Vectorization with Haswell and Cilk+ (Juan José Fumero Alfonso) 16:09 - Oracle AutoTask enhancement for multi-database environment (Tadeusz Dul) 16:15 - Evaluation of standard IT tools for industrial controls at CERN (Vlad Vintila) 16:21 - MatrixNet: Using a new multivariate technique in high energy physics (Viktoria Doneva) 16:27 - Electronic Ticket and Check-in System for Indico Conferences (Bernard Kolobara) Break 16:45 - Presentations (Session 2) 16:45 - Development of personal collections in CERN Document Server (CDS) (Archit Sharma) 16:51 - Integration of Cloud Storage Web Services with Invenio Digital Library (Kraljevic Zeliko) 16:57 - Advanced Visualisation Tools for CERN Institutional Data (Alberto Rodriguez Peon) 17:03 - CERN Storage Systems for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks (Andrea Azzarà) 17:09 - Integration of network monitoring data in FTS3 (Rocio Rama Ballesteros) 17:15 - The Implementation of OpenStack Cinder and Integration with NetApp and Ceph (Gary Mcgilvary) 17:21 - Implementation and test of OpenStack Heat (Davide Michelino) 17:27 - Improvement of the IT-PES-PS Section Services Statistics Page (Alberto Montes Lopez) 17:33 - CERN Webfest and Citizen Science Challenges (Jiannan Zhang) 17:39 - Performance Improvements for the ATLAS Detector Simulation Framework (Yasin Almalioglu) 17:45 - Cocktail and online voting (evaluation panel separate meeting) 18:15 - Announcement of best presentation winners
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