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CERN Computing Colloquium

Hidden in the Clouds: New Ideas in Cloud Computing

by Dr Shevek (NEBULA)

40/S2-C01 - Salle Curie (CERN)

40/S2-C01 - Salle Curie


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Cloud computing has become a hot topic. But 'cloud' is no newer in 2013 than MapReduce was in 2005: We've been doing both for years. So why is cloud more relevant today than it ever has been?

In this presentation, we will introduce the (current) central thesis of cloud computing, and explore how and why (or even whether) the concept has evolved.

While we will cover a little light background, our primary focus will be on the consequences, corollaries and techniques introduced by some of the leading cloud developers and organizations.

We each have a different deployment model, different applications and workloads, and many of us are still learning to efficiently exploit the platform services offered by a modern implementation. The discussion will offer the opportunity to share these experiences and help us all to realize the benefits of cloud computing to the fullest degree.

Please bring questions and opinions, and be ready to share both!



Shevek is a principal architect at Nebula, and an expert programmer with a strong interest in parallel and distributed systems. He has worked on cutting edge research in compilers and language design, algorithmic optimization, systems and security. He is capable of maintaining a very straight face under questioning on topics including
“Why is our printer playing ‘happy birthday’?” or “What is that message doing on the side of that building?” He received a Doctorate in Computing on the Formalization of Protection Systems from the University of Bath, England. He also holds a Masters in Pure Mathematics and fences epee.



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