Orals for MT23 Conference

30-7-018 - Kjell Johnsen Auditorium (CERN)

30-7-018 - Kjell Johnsen Auditorium


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Title: Magnet Design of the 150 mm Aperture Low-β Quadrupoles for the High Luminosity LHC
Authors: P. Ferracin et al.

Title: Fast Cycled Magnet demonstrator program at CERN: test station, instrumentation and measurement campaign
Authors: Willering, M.Bajko, F. Borgnolutti, L. Bottura, V. Datskov, G. Deferne, J. Feuvrier, L. Fiscarelli, C. Giloux, M. Guinchard, V. Roger

Title: Critical Current measurements of High-Jc Nb3Sn Rutherford cables under Transverse Pressure
Authors: B. Bordini et al.

Title: Quadrupole Electro-magnets for Linac4 at CERN
Authors: Liesbeth Vanherpe, Olivier Crettiez, Alexey Vorozhtsov, Thomas Zickler

Title: LHC IR Upgrade Nb-Ti, 120mm Aperture Model Quadrupole Test Results at 1.8K
Authors: G.A. Kirby, B. Auchmann, M. Bajko, V.I. Datskov, M.Durante P. Fessia, J. Feuvrier, M.Guinchard, C. Giloux, P.P. Granieri, P. Manil, J.C. Perez, E. Ravaioli, J.M.Rifflet, S. Russenschuck, T. Sahner, M. Segreti, E.Todesco, G. Willering.

Title: Deduction of Steady-State Cable Quench Limits for Various Electrical Insulation Schemes with Application to LHC and HL-LHC Magnets
Authors: Pier Paolo Granieri, Rob van Weelderen

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ATS Seminars Organisers: 
H. Burkhardt (BE) T. Stora (EN), G. De Rijk (TE)